Fairtrade Schools

Why Schools should become Fairtrade Schools?


Five million farmers/workers and their families are better off  because of Fairtrade you can help to increase this by buying and using Fairtrade.  


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The Three Goals To Be A Fairtrade School


Goal one to become a Fairtrade school is to cover Fairtrade in the classroom.

Goal two is to use and promote Fairtrade in school.

The third goal is to write a Fairtrade policy and have a Fairtrade steering group.


Fairtrade School

Ideas of fundraising for Fairtrade.

1. Have coffee mornings to raise money.

2. Run marathons and give out Fairtrade prizes.

3. Cycle to raise money for Fairtrade.

4. Sell Fairtrade on a Stall and give out free samples.

5) Have a flash mob of people promoting Fairtrade. 


How to Apply to Become a Fairtrade School

To become a Fairtrade school you need to fill in an application formand send it to the Fairtrade website.

 Email your application to schools@fairtrade.org.uk.