Fairtrade Church



Why should you become a Fairtrade Church?


  • It will help farmers get a fair days pay.
  • It will help their children and workers by giving the workers enough money so they are able to have a sustainable life and their children are able to go to school.
  • Fairtrade means better tasting food because Fairtrade won’t sell it unless it is very good quality.
  •  Fairtrade is trade farmers can trust because they don’t play with scales and don’t stretch bags.
  •  Fairtrade supports communities because with the money they give the farmers they can build new things for the community to use.



Why should people use Fairtrade?




The choice of chocolate or coffee you buy can make a difference to a farmer and to help his family because the money you give to Fairtrade is helping children go to school.   


It’s hard for a framer because most shops don’t give them a fair price. That is why Fairtrade was created.


Fairtrade gives the farmer enough money to get food and water so the family will survive.


Fairtrade products will be more money but you are helping a farmer to have a better life.  


Fairtrade gives farmers extra money so the farmers and his family can buy some new clothes or some gold.



How to be a Fairtrade church?


1 You need to use Fairtrade

Use Fairtrade tea and coffee.


2 You need to move forward on using Fairtrade produces.

Use more Fairtrade products such as biscuits and sugar.


3 Promote Fairtrade 

Make a Fairtrade stall or do a fashion show selling Fairtrade or a Fairtrade coffee morning.  You can also teach about Fairtrade in sermons. 


How to apply to become a Fairtrade church


  1. Once you have achieved the three goals, please complete the Church Application form and return it to the Fairtrade foundation.


Post to Fairtrade Church application to, Fairtrade 3rd floor , Ibex House , 42 – 47 Minories, London, EC3N 1DN