Why should you become a Fairtrade Town?



  1. It gives farmers a good lifestyle.
  2. It give farmers a good payment.
  3. The products are good quality.
  4. It help famers a lot by being able to buy food and support their families.


It also give famer kids a good education because the farmer can afford to send them to school


What 5 Goals Do You Need To Become A Fairtrade Town?

1) Get a local council to pass a resolution supporting Fairtrade, and the council needs to agree to serve Fairtrade.

2) A range of Fairtrade products are available locally in shops and cafes. Targets vary according to the size of town.

3) Schools, Workplaces, places of worship and community organisations support Fairtrade and use Fairtrade products whenever possible.

4) Have media coverage raise awareness and understanding of Fairtrade across the community.  Also have events in the community to promote Fairtrade.

5) Set up a Fairtrade steering group, representing different sectors of the community.


Ideas to Promote Fairtrade

You could do a fashion show were members of the community can model Fairtrade clothes. You could sell Fairtrade products at a Fairtrade stall or you could sell tea and coffee one morning. You could also do a speech in the town.  

How to apply to be a Fairtrade Town


We have to email this address to apply…volunteer.towns@fairtrade.org.uk