Fairtrade Schools

This page shows you the schools that use Fairtrade products and the schools who have Fairtrade Status in Bo'ness.


Bo'ness Public Primary School and Bo'ness Academy have Fairtrade Status. Some staff at Bo'ness Public Primary School use Fairtrade coffee and P6 run a Fairtrade business for pupils and parents selling Fairtrade products throughout the year. Bo'ness Academy sell Fairtrade tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sugar, chocolate, biscuits, juice and gifts Pupils at Bo'ness Academy sell Fairtrade products and promote Fairtrade throughout the year.


Deanburn Primary School and Kinneil Primary School use Fairtrade products.  Kinneil Primary School and Deanburn Primary School  use Fairtrade tea, coffee and hot chocolate.   We are going to be giving a presentation to Kinneil Primary School and we hope this will make them decide to become a Fairtrade school too.